You know exactly what you want from your new INFINITI vehicle. No indecision for you: it’s the 2017 INFINITI QX60 AWD in Hagane Blue with the Premium Plus package and leather-trimmed seats, or nothing. Congratulations. Now, are you going to lease or buy? All of a sudden, indecision sets in. Kearny Mesa INFINITI can help you sort through your options the same as we’ve done for hundreds of customers from San Diego, CA and Escondido, CA.

When Should You Lease?

Leasing is all about flexibility. Whether you’re planning on buying another INFINITI car or SUV at some point (but not yet), buying for fleet use, or you like to change your cars every couple of years, leasing makes more sense. It also helps if you’d prefer not to have a large down-payment or high monthly payments. When the lease is over, you don’t have to worry about resale value; just turn in the vehicle and your keys and walk away, or opt to purchase if you find your vehicle has grown on you. Finally, if your driving is mostly local, leasing can be a good fit for your needs.

When Should You Buy?

As good as it is, leasing isn’t the right fit for everyone. One of the biggest reasons to buy rather than lease is the amount of mileage you drive per year. Leases have low mileage terms, and if you go over, the overage charges add up quickly. Long commutes and road trips may cramp your style. Likewise, things like performance modifications or excess wear and tear (even the kind you get from carpooling, pets, and kids) make leasing problematic. That’s when purchasing becomes a better choice.

What Next?

The good news is that once you get past the thorny question of leasing versus buying, the rest is easy. Kearny Mesa INFINITI offers dealer and manufacturer incentives in either case and ensures the best fit (at the best available rate) for your needs with INFINITI financing. We invite you to call (858) 573-1700 or visit our showroom to find out more. We serve Escondido, CA and San Diego, CA from our showroom at 4670 Convoy St in
San Diego, CA, so come by and see us today!