Big changes are coming for four INFINITI vehicles in model years 2018 and 2019. Taken separately, they’re an indication that the company aims to keep their line relevant. Taken as a whole, they indicate something larger: that INFINITI cars are undergoing a design renaissance that should help set the brand, and its vehicles, apart from an increasingly crowded field. That’s good for luxury car shoppers in Escondido and Carlsbad, and a bit of welcome news here at Kearny Mesa INFINITI. 

We saw a concept version of the INFINITI QX50 earlier this year in Detroit. It’s expected that the concept won’t be very far from the next-generation model, which arrives in 2018 as a 2019 model. The INFINITI QX60 and INFINITI QX80 SUVs are also due for redesigns that are likely to share styling cues with their smaller stable mate, while a special edition INFINITI Q50 sedan is a reminder that the company isn’t neglecting the car side of the equation.

We’re used to seeing mid-cycle or generational redesigns of vehicles. This is something else altogether, since the styling of the INFINITI QX50 concept is being used as a template to evolve a new design language for the company. Beyond the usual refresh of minor elements like the grille and tail lights, this is a bumper-to-bumper re-imagining of what an INFINITI vehicle should look like.

The new style is more emotive and it might be polarizing to some, but it should stand out at a time when the luxury segment tends to share many of the same features, design cues, and amenities. This is one instance where INFINITI seems to be taking a leading role rather than letting others dictate what comes next. Given their track record, there’s a bit of breathing space to turn their attention to the looks of their product, hopefully turning some heads in the process.

Of course, it’s always the right time to get into a new INFINITI SUV or car. Call or come to Kearny Mesa INFINITI to find out more about what we have to offer. We serve Carlsbad and Escondido from our showroom at 4670 Convoy St in San Diego, so come by and see us soon!