If that title leaves you scratching your head, let Kearny Mesa INFINITI explain. TCO is Total Cost of Ownership. It’s a metric that evaluates all the different costs that go into owning and operating a vehicle. It’s a good thing to know if you’re shopping for a new luxury SUV. We encourage our customers in San Diego and Carlsbad to understand it because it’s yet another way that INFINITI vehicles go above and beyond.

When you’ve bought an SUV in the past, you were probably shopping at least in part based on price. The sticker price on a vehicle only tells part of the story, however. TCO helps you understand the rest of the story: how much your new car costs in terms of fees, fuel costs, insurance, and the cost to maintain or repair your vehicle over the long term.

Each year, Kelley Blue Book evaluates brands’ cars for their five-year TCO. This year, two INFINITI SUVs took home top marks in their respective classes. The 2017 INFINITI QX60 took home top honors in the Luxury Midsize SUV/Crossover segment, while the 2017 INFINITI QX80 did the same in the Luxury Full-Size Large SUV/Crossover segment.

Those honors point to something important. The quality construction, good fuel economy, and overall reliability mean that an INFINITI vehicle isn’t just a joy to drive; it makes sense if you’re looking at your vehicle as a longer-term investment.

So, what have we learned? If you’re researching your next new luxury car, you should be researching beyond the sticker price. What’s more, if you’re buying a new INFINITI car or SUV in particular, you should find an INFINITI dealership that goes above and beyond, just like the vehicles they carry. If you live in San Diego or Carlsbad, that means coming to Kearny Mesa INFINITI. To find out more, call (858) 573-1700, or better still, visit our showroom at 4670 Convoy St in San Diego, CA.