When INFINITI Lab launched in Hong Kong in 2015, it was a sign that the luxury automaker was looking far into the future at the kinds of technology that would shape drivers’ experiences and expectations in the decades ahead. With the opening of a new INFINITI Lab in Toronto, it’s now clear that the company isn’t just looking into the future; they aim to shape it. 

The Canadian branch was launched in partnership with Canadian nonprofit Multiplicity, a startup incubator and accelerator. Besides automotive technology, INFINITI Lab, Multiplicity, and the startups with whom they collaborate will be exploring new possibilities in the Internet of Things (IoT), which is the intersection of web connectivity with the gadgets we take for granted in everyday life. The partnership will also innovate new solutions for smart cities.

These might seem like unusual steps for a luxury car company, but if you look at the bigger picture, they make perfect sense. Our cars, like the INFINITI QX30, are connected in ways, and to a degree, we couldn’t have imagined just a few short years ago. Smart cities, in turn, can help make for smarter cars; this would give self-driving INFINITI cars a clear edge when the time comes for them to take to city streets.

Then, too, it’s a way of addressing the changing relationship between people and their cars. Just as self-driving cars will have an impact on businesses from independent taxi drivers to logistics companies, so too will changes in the traditional ownership model as things like ride sharing become more common.

In order for a car company to not only survive but to thrive, it’s necessary for the company to evolve in much the same way their vehicles do. We’ve marveled over the years at how the vehicles available at your San Diego INFINITI dealership have changed. Now we’re also looking on in awe as even the INFINITI company itself evolves to take a new form.

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