Have you gotten all the presents you need to get for friends, relatives, and co-workers? You may not be done shopping yet. There could be an important member of your family you’re forgetting: your car. While you probably love everything your INFINITI QX60 offers as-is, there are many things you can add to make it even better. Any of these accessories will help you love your vehicle even more:

Splash Guards

Even though the word “splash” is in the name, splash guards do much more than just protect your SUV from water. They also prevent things like dirt and pebbles from causing dents or scratching the paint.

Roof Rail Crossbars

While the INFINITI QX60 has a lot of cargo space inside, if you can’t fit everything you need or certain items – like skis, for example – just won’t work, roof rail crossbars give you another great option.

Tow Package

Speaking of moving cargo, if you’ll need to tow a trailer or perhaps a boat, the tow package includes a tow hitch receiver that is mounted to the frame of your INFINITI QX60, along with a trailer tow harness.

Hatch Tent

Planning to take a road trip soon? With a hatch tent, you can set up camp almost anywhere. Available in two different sizes – 9×9 or 10×10 – this tent easily attaches to the rear hatch on your INFINITI QX60. It can also be used on its own. With mesh-covered doors, this will let air flow inside while keeping bugs out.

Interested in any of these accessories for your INFINITI QX60? You can order them through the parts department at our San Diego INFINITI dealership and have them installed (if applicable) at our service center. Contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment.