If we’re being honest, it’s not like summer around San Diego is all that much different than the rest of the year in Southern California, at least with regard to the weather. However, the season does pose its own driving challenges, and Kearny Mesa INFINITI can help keep you safer through them. 

The first thing you can do is pay attention. Keep your eyes and ears on the road, especially since this time of year brings hazards — especially a higher volume of kids playing outside and younger drivers just out of high school — that you don’t see quite as much the other nine months of the year.

If you like to unwind with a beer when the thermometer is verging on triple digits, or if you’ve had one sangria too many at a barbecue, hand the keys over to a designated driver. It’s not worth compromising safety — your own, or anyone else’s.

Something that’s worth remembering year ‘round, but especially with summer downpours, is hydroplaning. It happens when your tires can’t displace the water under them, and is most common at speeds over 35 miles per hour. One way to avoid this is to watch your speed; the other is to ensure your tires have sufficient tread depth to give you good displacement and traction. If they don’t, get to your INFINITI tire center!

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your INFINITI car or SUV has a clean bill of health. Adequate coolant levels, fresh fluids, and ensuring that your wipers, lights, filters, and hoses are all shipshape can prevent issues like overheating or issues with outdoor allergens.

It’s probably safe to say that you’d like to stay safe behind the wheel and avoid being a hazard to your passengers and fellow drivers. That doesn’t mean that summer needs to be a time of stress. It should, however, be a time of maintenance. With that in mind, why not bring your vehicle in for INFINITI service? We’re located at 4670 Convoy St in San Diego or a phone call away, and we’re always happy to help!